Ommegang Brewery – Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis

DSC_0062Beer Name : Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis
Brew Company : Ommegang Brewery
ABV : 8%
Location : Cooperstown, NY
Style : Dubbel Ale
Appearance : A deep amber beer with a slight haze.  It comes in about a 15 on the SRM color scale.  Tiny bubbles with a caramel head that  settles to a small head.
Appearance Rating : 5/6
Smell : Not overly fragrant.  The smells that are present are of caramel and sweet maltiness with some slight dark fruit esters.  Very typical scent for a beer of this style.
Smell Rating : 20/24
Taste : Strong dark fruit flavors mixed with caramel maltiness.  The fruit esters are almost tart…Somewhat raisin like.
Taste Rating : 30/40
Mouth feel : Medium bodied to full bodied with high carbonation.
Mouth feel Rating : 10/10
Overall : This is a strong beer with a rating of 8%.  I would call it a fierce dubbel.  The raisin flavors cover the ABV but it is much more in your face than most of the style.  It is Valar Morghulis, what would you expect?!
Overall Rating : 15/20
Total Rating: 80/100


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