Bell’s Hopslam (2015) – A terrific tasting beer as always.



Bell’s Hopslam

Brewed in: Kalamazoo Michigan

Hops: 6 varieties culminating with a generous dry-hopped Simcoe addition

Style: Double IPA

ABV: 10%



So with Bell’s Hopslam I am adjusting my rating system on beers to be along the guidelines suggested on Beer Advocate.  This is a good beer to start with since it is a beer I am familiar with from other years and one that scores very high in my opinion across the board.


Bell’s Hopslam is a seasonal beer with limited quantities and distribution.  This year Bell’s has increased production by 12%.  This is a beer I look forward to and I keep an eye out on for places it is on tap.  I also have been able to get it at Old Philly Ale House in the Fairmont area of Philadelphia.


Appearance: Clear honey colored with good head retention and lasting lacing on the glass.  6/6


Smell:  Hops and honey.  Very fragrant.  This beer promises to be sweet and complex.The hops character is very floral and citrusy.  24/24


Taste:  Hops hits the tongue first, citrus (grapefruit) and floral.  The honey comes through as a counterpoint, adding balance.  This beer covers the 10% ABV very well.  39/40


Mouth feel:  Slightly thick with high carbonation..fizzy almost.  9/10


Overall:  I always look forward to this beers release each year.  It lives up to its reputation in my opinion and has great balance/taste overall.  This is simply one of my favorite beers.  20/20



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