Hop’solutely Fegley’s Brewworks

DSC_0266Beer Name: Hop’solutely
Brew Company: Fegley’s Brewworks
ABV: 11.50%
Location: Allentown Pennsylvania
Style: Triple India Pale ale
Appearance: Crystal clear with tiny active bubbles.  It is a light amber in color
Appearance Rating: 5/6
Smell: Clean crisp citrus malt.  Has a subtle sweetness to the smell.  Also resonate the pine scent.  My thoughts are that this is going to be a citrus/pine variety of beer….How will it cover the 11.5%?  Is there residual sweetness
Smell Rating: 22/24
Taste: Large grapefruit essence covers the alcohol.  There is a bit of sweetness to balance, but the overall taste is bitter lingering hops.  There is some malty quality present but it can’t match the hops on first sip.
Taste Rating: 30/40
Mouth-feel: It is a light to medium bodied beer.  I only say medium bodied because of the slightly syrupy element that may be as much taste as anything else.
Mouth-feel Rating: 8/10
Overall: Overall I like this beer.  As I drank more of it my senses eased on the blast of hops that is so often the case when you drink a heavily hopped beer.
Overall Rating: 15/20
Total Score: 80/100


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