Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale


Beer Name :: Midwestern Pale Ale

Brew Company :: Bell’s Brewery

Website:: Bell’s

ABV :: 5.20%

Location :: Kalamazoo Michigan

Appearance :: Honey colored and a bit cloudy;  residual head and lacing up the side of the glass

Appearance Rating :: 4/6

Smell :: earthiness and subdued floral hops.  Overall scent was fairly subdued.

Smell Rating :: 16/24

Taste :: True to billing this beer has a strong bread quality indicating the selection of a strong malt backbone. This is a distinguishing trait in a hop heavy field.  It finishes dry and mildly bitter.

Taste Rating :: 30/40

Mouth feel :: It’s a light bodied beer that has proper body and medium carbonation.

Mouth feel Rating :: 7/10

Overall :: This beer endeavors to be something different and in that it succeeds.  Bell’s Midwestern Pale brings a lot of malt to a class dominated by the hops.  Generally I look for a pale ale to have a lower malty quotient and for mainly for this reason it misses the mark for me.  This beer was sampled on tap in a 16 ounce pint glass at the Kite and Key in Philadelphia, PA.

Overall Rating :: 15/20

Total :: 72/100

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