Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

20150323_214024Beer Name :: Fresh Squeezed IPA

Brew Company :: Deschutes Brewery

ABV :: 6.40%

Hops :: Mosaic and Citra

Location :: Bend Oregon

Appearance :: Clear Pale Amber at about a 9 on the SRM scale which is square in the middle of the color range for IPA’s.  Has a small one finger head that retains well with lacing up the side of the glass

Appearance Rating :: 6/6

Smell :: One of the most fascinating smelling beers. It smells of ripe dark fruit and sweetness.  I will be very interested in the way this one will taste.

Smell Rating :: 22/24

Taste :: It tastes very different from the smell led me to believe.  The dark fruit note is there but fairly subdued and gives way to a bready backbone that has a fairly dry finish with a mild bitterness that lingers.  The finish is undoubtedly related to the Citra hops.  There is  a complex mix of flavors going on here…from fruity to piney to malty to sweet to dry.

Taste Rating :: 35/40

Mouth feel :: This is a medium bodied beer that almost feels sticky.  It adds to the overall presentation and hits the mark in my opinion.

Mouth feel Rating :: 10/10

Overall :: This is an outstanding beer.  It is hard to stand out in a very crowded IPA field.  The hops choices made for a combination I’d like to explore in home-brew recipes.  This is a beer I would have again just to explore the different flavors.

Overall Rating :: 20/20

Total :: 93/100

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