Nuckin Futs Ocean City Brewing Company


Beer Name :: Nuckin Futs

Brew Company :: Ocean City Brewing Company

ABV :: 6%

Location :: Ocean City, Maryland

Style :: Brown Ale

Appearance :: Clear deep brown at about a 35 on the SRM color scale.  There was not a lot of carbonation which was my experience when I had it on tap at the brewery.

Appearance Rating :: 3/6

Smell :: I love the way this beer smells.  It caramel and nut scented.  It smells sweet and full-bodied flavor wise.

Smell Rating :: 24/24

Taste :: It has a good taste that is very similar to smell.  This beer reminds me of a nut-brown ale that was a seasonal from Sam Adams years ago.  I love the flavor of caramel and walnuts but it is terribly under carbonated..

Taste Rating :: 25/40

Mouth feel :: It suffers from a lack of carbonation.  Both on tap and in a 22 ounce bomber it fails

Mouth feel Rating :: 2/10

Overall :: I really like the scent and flavor.  It seems a shame that it is ruined by under carbonation.

Overall Rating :: 10/20

Total Score :: 64/100

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