Elysian Brewing Company Loser Pale Ale (3.75 out of 5)

Elisian Loser Pale Ale
Website: http://www.elysianbrewing.com/
Brewed: Washington USA
Style: American Pale Ale
MALTS: Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell
HOPS: Bittered with Sorachi Ace and finished with Crystal hops
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 57

This is a cloudy medium bodied ale. Elysian Loser Pale Ale uses Sorachi Ace Hops to bitter which is a somewhat uncommon choice. At 7% ABV it is on the high side of alcohol content for the style. The aroma is sweet and malty with a hint of floral notes probably due to the crystal hop finisher. On the palette it is a pretty crisp beer, not nearly as sweet as the smell might suggest. Sorachi is a hit and miss for most. It powers through with strong lemon qualities but adds a distinctive dill finish that may put some people off. I personally enjoyed it and with the mix of malts think it did a pretty good job balancing a relatively high ABV of 7%.

I recommend this beer especially if you like Brooklyn Breweries Sorachi Ace.

3.75 out of 5.00

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