Dark Horse Brewing Company Edacsac Dekoorc Eert

aviary_1427676773229Beer Name:: Edacsac Dekoorc Eert

Brew Company :: Dark Horse Brewing Company

ABV :: 6.5

Hops :: Cascade

Location :: Marshall Michigan

Style :: India Pale Ale

Appearance :: Cloudy medium amber color about an 11 on the SRM color chart.  The cloudiness is due to the unfiltered unpasteurized nature of the product.  This has a generous small bubble head

Appearance Rating :: 5/6

Smell :: The smell is of piney and citrus hops.  Very clean.

Smell Rating :: 20/24

Taste :: Clean and mildly hopped with pine and citrus quality.  It has grapefruit like flavor but not the big bite.  This beer is brewed with all cascade hops.

Taste Rating :: 35/40

Mouth feel :: High carbonation as noted before…almost too much.  Other than that is is medium body but feels slightly thick because of the unfiltered process.

Mouth feel Rating :: 7/10

Overall :: This is a good solid IPA.  It was a one and done.  I really enjoy trying one hopped beers.  This is a great way to pick out the individual elements in a hop variety.  This is especially useful for home brewers such as myself as we try to divine new recipes.

Overall Rating :: 17/20

Total Score :: 84/100


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