Widmer Brothers Brewing – Alchemy Pale Ale

Alchemy Pale AleBeer Name : Alchemy Pale Ale
Brew Company : Widmer Brothers Brewing
ABV : 5.80%
Style : Pale ale
Hops : Alchemy Hops
Location : Portland Oregon
Appearance : A slightly cloudy Pale Amber that gives an impression of being slightly thick.  It had a small head on the pour that retained well with some lacing up the side of the glass.  The color is about a 9 on the SRM scale
Appearance Rating : 5/6
Smell : This has a clean and refreshing smell.  As advertised on the Widmer Brewing website, this beer has a slight caramel smell do to the alchemy hop blend.  This is an inviting beer.
Smell Rating : 24/24
Taste : A tasty malt body gives way to a mild bitter finish.  Though it has a certain sweetness on the tongue in the beginning, it finishes crisp and fresh.
Taste Rating : 40/40
Mouth feel : It may have been the bottle I had, but the carbonation was just a bit light on this one.
Mouth feel Rating : 5/10
Overall : Overall, this is a great beer.  There is a lot of subtlety and balance going on.  Slightly sweet, yes finishing mildly bitter with clean and fresh crispness.  The carbonation in my sample wasn’t quite there for me but I still enjoyed this a lot.
Overall Rating : 15/20
Total : 89/100

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