Uinta Brewing Company – Birthday Suit Sour Plum Ale

UintaBeer Name : Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale

Brew Company : Uinta Brewing Company

Style : Sour Ale

ABV : 7.60%

Location : Salt Lake City, Utah

Appearance : Cloudy deep amber beer about a 15 on the SRM beer color scale.  There was not a lot of head on the pour and almost no residual head after the pour.

Appearance Rating : 4/6

Smell :: A blast of pungent sour goodness.  Definitely smells like sour plums.

Smell Rating :: 24/24

Taste :: The taste was very much like the smell.  There is a slight underlying bitter finish.  It delivers on its promise.  It tastes a lot like sour cherries to me.  Very tart.

Taste Rating :: 35/40

Mouth feel : Surprisingly it was a not a flat beer based on the pour.  It was not under-carbonated and had the right mouth feel.

Mouth feel Rating : 10/10

Overall : This is a straight forward sour beer.  It isn’t very subtle.  It is going to hit you with a lot of tart sour flavor and if that is your thing it will be right in your wheelhouse.

Overall Rating :: 15/20

Total Score: 90/100


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