NBC to reboot Heroes in 13 episode Mini Series

heroes_castAs is all too often the case, I was one of those late to the Heroes party and only started watching it after the show was cancelled.  News has hit that NBC is bringing back the show.  This certainly piqued my curiosity because I, indeed, was wrapped up in the show (for at least the first two seasons).  There was something distinctly compelling about the “Save the Cheerleader” show that kept you coming back.

The first season focused on this and really was a tightly woven narrative.  Each successive season diminished the first as it seemed to be grasping at story lines and making every one switch “good guy vs. bad guy sides”.  It makes me wish American show writers would commit to a story arc that spanned say 3 seasons out of the gate so the story could be wrapped up in 3 acts, rather than trying to run 15 seasons.  It always gets watered down.  I digress…let me get off my soap box.

My fascination still remains for this show, which was never really concluded (due to its sudden cancellation).  In 2015, we will be treated to 13 new shows.  NBC is calling this a mini-series and not a new season.  It is also being termed as a reboot to the series and though it may contain some of the original players, it will be an original story.  This is both disappointing and appealing at the same time.  The original show lost steam and its conclusion is less interesting.  Rehashing the old story and all of its twists would be tiresome.  There was something great about the tone of the first one…ordinary people becoming heroes without knowing why.  If they can recapture this is in a tightly woven 13 shows…it could be fantastic.

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